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    3. Privacy Protection
      We respect and protect your personal information and keep it private and secure. We are committed to providing you with personalized services only with your consent in a secure Internet environment that allows you to have more control over your personal information.
      You Will Be Made Fully Aware of What Personal Information Is Collected and How It Is Used
      Before you use our app, we will inform you in detail about how we collect, use, and store your personal information through the Xiaohongshu User Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) and obtain your consent. When obtaining your authorization for personal information, or in the case that we make significant changes to the Privacy Policy, we will inform you by reasonable means to make sure you have fully understood and agreed with the authorization and changes.
      We Take Steps to Ensure Personal Information Is Used in a Lawful and Reasonable MannerWhen we collect or use your personal information that you voluntarily provide in the course of using our services, or that you provide as a result of using our products and/or services, we will follow the principles of legitimacy, justifiability, and necessity, and comply with the legal framework. If we need to use your personal information for purposes not specified in the Privacy Policy, we will inform you in a reasonable manner and secure your consent to do so.
      You Have the Rights to Your Personal InformationYou are in control of the personal information you share on Xiaohongshu. You may (1) access, obtain, correct, and delete your personal information, (2) change or withdraw your authorization, and (3) delete your account. Upon deletion, we will delete or anonymize all your personal information.
      We Have Robust Technical Capabilities to Protect the Security of Personal InformationWe take a variety of robust security measures in line with industry standards to keep your personal information safe, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to and destruction, theft, leakage, use, disclosure and alteration of your personal information. We have established a data classification and grading system, data security management standards, and data security development standards to manage the storage and use of personal information, prevent the collection of personal information unrelated to our services, and keep data secure. We have taken security measures such as server backups and password encryption to ensure that your information will not be lost, misused, or altered. To prevent any potential security incidents, we have put in place proper early warning mechanisms and contingency plans in accordance with laws and regulations.
      The Protection of Minors’ Privacy and Safety Is Particularly ImportantWe are committed to even higher standards of privacy and safety for minors (i.e., those under the age of 18). In accordance with relevant domestic laws, regulations, and privacy policies, we have established strict rules to limit the collection and use of personal information of minors. We have developed a “teenager mode”, which will reasonably limit the screen time spent on the app, block features such as Top Up and Reward, and showcase a curated app experience with more educational content on the home page.
      Contact Us
      If you have any complaint, suggestion, or question about the protection of personal information, or if you have any question about this policy, please feel free to contact us (shuduizhang@xiaohongshu.com). We will review issues involved and reply as soon as possible.