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      CompanyXiaohongshu releases “TrueInterest” at 2023 WILL Business Conference, driving a measurable approach to seeding recommendationsMarch 2, 2023
      TrendsThe top lifestyle trends in 2023, from local communities to drinking teaDecember 28, 2022
      TrendsThe Blokecore style advances on Xiaohongshu, spurred on by the World CupDecember 21, 2022
      TrendsChina's love for craft beer goes local, boosted by XiaohongshuDecember 15, 2022
      TrendsXiaohongshu’s insights report helps brands tap on trends in the appliances marketDecember 9, 2022
      TrendsAfterwork running picks up speed, propelling the growth of the night economyDecember 8, 2022
      TrendsThe stove-boiled tea trend is heating up this winter, as reflected on Xiaohongshu December 2, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu becomes the first stop for international beauty brands entering ChinaNovember 30, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu explores the growth stories behind good products with brands in ChinaNovember 29, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu gives SMEs a boost with our Emerging Brands Support ProgramNovember 25, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu at ROI Festival: On Xiaohongshu, users are casting their votes for good productsNovember 24, 2022
      CommunityThe small supermarket that has amassed over 10,000 cloud shareholders on XiaohongshuNovember 23, 2022
      CommunityTo co-create with consumers, Colorkey 珂拉琪 found a clear answer on XiaohongshuNovember 16, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu signs agreement to be Spain National Football Team's exclusive interactive content community partner in ChinaNovember 15, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu inks deal with Belgium National Football Team to be its exclusive interactive content community partner in ChinaNovember 15, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu co-founder Miranda Qu: Building a shared community together is in Xiaohongshu's DNANovember 11, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu invites top brands to share insights into China's Gen Z consumers during CIIENovember 11, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu steps up its content-to-commerce game for Double 11November 4, 2022
      TrendsAs more young Chinese embrace street vending, they are turning to Xiaohongshu for useful tipsOctober 27, 2022
      CompanyFashion trends from Xiaohongshu to inspire brands ahead of Singles' DayOctober 14, 2022
      Trends2nd Gen Fruit Farmers: Urban Employees by Day, Fruit Sellers at NightSeptember 29, 2022
      CompanyThe outlook in China for luxury in 2023 as seen through XiaohongshuSeptember 23, 2022
      TrendsAs the cycling trend heats up, Xiaohongshu releases industry insights for the way forwardSeptember 23, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu research unlocks the secret of consumer insights in beauty, beverages and 3CSeptember 21, 2022
      TrendsBy traveling while working online, digital nomads are on the rise in ChinaSeptember 16, 2022
      CommunityThe plant-based milk brand growing out of the green and healthy movement on XiaohongshuSeptember 8, 2022
      TrendsBoosted by Xiaohongshu, surfskating is making waves across ChinaSeptember 2, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu supports local stores with the launch of an upgrading programAugust 31, 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu is top newcomer on Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2022 listAugust 26, 2022
      TrendsAs the pet economy booms, brands are harnessing opportunities on XiaohongshuAugust 25, 2022
      TrendsArtisans in China are crafting a living on XiaohongshuAugust 19, 2022
      TrendsFashion savvy Xiaohongshu offers insights for brands to keep up with trendsAugust 18, 2022
      CommunityThe kids' clothing brand that f?o?u?n?d? ?a? ?g?o?o?d? ?f?i?t? ?o?n? ?X?i?a?o?h?o?n?g?s?h?uAugust 12, 2022
      TrendsBy inspiring wedding photo trends, Xiaohongshu is attracting brands in the industryAugust 10, 2022
      TrendsRomance is alive on Xiaohongshu as users seek inspiration for Qixi FestivalAugust 4, 2022
      TrendsInsights from the new beauty consultant for men, XiaohongshuAugust 1, 2022
      CommunityThe brand making coffee a part of life, by connecting with consumers on XiaohongshuJuly 29, 2022
      CompanyAs open-air markets get popular, Xiaohongshu hosts its own virtual summer marketJuly 22, 2022
      TrendsBrands drink in the dazzling array of beverage trends on XiaohongshuJuly 20, 2022
      TrendsWith soaring interest on Xiaohongshu, frisbee reaches new heights in ChinaJuly 15, 2022
      TrendsApartment makeovers give young Chinese a new lease of life, as reflected on XiaohongshuJuly 8, 2022
      CommunityThe skincare brand that propelled retinol for anti-aging into the mainstream through XiaohongshuJuly 7, 2022
      CommunityWorld-famous artists are connecting with their Chinese audience on XiaohongshuJune 30, 2022
      CommunityHow Clinique leveraged Xiaohongshu to catch the eye of consumers in ChinaJune 29, 2022
      TrendsCycling picks up speed as a serious hobby on XiaohongshuJune 23, 2022
      TrendsHow trends on Xiaohongshu are influencing the 618 shopping festivalJune 17, 2022
      CommunityThe sports lifestyle brand running ahead of the curve on XiaohongshuJune 16, 2021
      TrendsThe rise of LNT camping is leaving its trace on XiaohongshuJune 9 , 2022
      CommunityThe brand behind this bizarre candle sold on Xiaohongshu that exploded in popularityJune 2 , 2022
      TrendsMom and baby trends on Xiaohongshu birth new opportunities for brandsMay 27 , 2022
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      TrendsOn 520, brands seek to win the hearts of consumers on XiaohongshuMay 20 , 2022
      TrendsThe future of fashion and art is digital, and it’s playing out on XiaohongshuMay 13 , 2022
      TrendsGlamping industry insights through the lens of XiaohongshuMay 10 , 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu releases Community Guidelines for BusinessesMay 6 , 2022
      TrendsThe glamping trend heats up as searches on Xiaohongshu surge 746% this May Day holidayMay 5 , 2022
      CompanyBurt’s Bees delivers smooth success by tapping on XiaohongshuApril 25 , 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu X Shanghai Fashion Week collab propels digital fashion into the mainstreamApril 18 , 2022
      TrendsAll you need to know about the top 2022 beauty trends on XiaohongshuApril 13 , 2022
      TrendsThriving in China: houseplants as the new petApril 8 , 2022
      CompanyXiaohongshu advocates for parents of autistic children on World Autism Awareness DayApril 2 , 2022
      CommunityThe plus-sized dancer who’s redefining what beauty meansMarch 25 , 2022
      CompanyNew generation of independent designers land on Xiaohongshu to tell and sellMarch 18 , 2022
      CommunityBringing fashion week to the countryside with a “supermodel” grandmaMarch 11 , 2022
      TrendsForget about Vespa, e-scooters are the coolest rides in ChinaMarch 04 , 2022
      CompanyHow vivo wove the X70 into glamping on Xiaohongshu to resonate with Gen Z consumersFebruary 25 , 2022
      Trends“Valentine’s Day” searches surge 365% as users celebrate with gift ideas from XiaohongshuFebruary 14 , 2022
      TrendsExcitement for winter sports soars to a new high on Xiaohongshu amidst the Winter OlympicsFebruary 11 , 2022
      TrendsThe “Hooked” Generation: How did fishing drag young Chinese back to nature?January 28 , 2022
      TrendsBrands roar into Chinese New Year with tiger collections, sparking excitement on XiaohongshuJanuary 14 , 2022
      TrendsThe lifestyle trends making it big in 2022... from air fryers to going greenJanuary 4 , 2022
      TrendsPortrait photos to mark the festive season soar in popularity on XiaohongshuDecember 30 , 2021
      CompanyXiaohongshu hosts 2022 Business Ecosystem Summit, revealing its IDEA strategyDecember 23 , 2021
      CommunityThe diary entry of a 7-year-old that resonated with over a million people on XiaohongshuDecember 22 , 2021
      Trends Xiaohongshu users are embracing winter with a diverse range of activities December 10 , 2021
      Trends With gun in hand, tufting is taking Xiaohongshu by stormDecember 3 , 2021
      CompanyXiaohongshu is tapping on convenience stores to market emerging brandsNovember 23 , 2021
      TrendsUrban art draws interest on Xiaohongshu, attracting the attention of artists and galleriesNovember 16 , 2021
      CompanyUnderstanding China’s Gen Z consumers from a Xiaohongshu perspectiveNovember 12 , 2021
      TrendsConsumers flock to Xiaohongshu for shopping tips leading up to Singles Day 2021November 11 , 2021
      TrendsEast meets west during Halloween on XiaohongshuNovember 1 , 2021
      TrendsRoom tours on Xiaohongshu provide a window into thriving home improvement marketOctober 29 , 2021
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      TrendsChina’s Golden Week sees people traveling off the beaten path on XiaohongshuOctober 9 , 2021
      TrendsEmbrace the unreal with the rise of virtual influencers on XiaohongshuSeptember 24 , 2021
      CompanyIn conversation with four emerging Chinese brands making waves in the market September 16 , 2021
      CompanyXiaohongshu debuts WILL Awards to recognize extraordinary up-and-coming Chinese brands September 15 , 2021
      CompanyEmpowering small businesses with our new “content-to-commerce” systemSeptember 10 , 2021
      CompanyThree brands that are grabbing attention with their effective use of XiaohongshuSeptember 07, 2021
      CompanyWe spoke to dozens of people on the streets to help define what Xiaohongshu is September 03, 2021
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      CommunityWhat you need to know about Xiaohongshu’s Community GuidelinesAugust 20, 2021
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      CompanyXiaohongshu: The story of how it all startedJuly 27, 2021