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    3. Xiaohongshu Intellectual Property Protection Policy
      June 16, 2021
      Xiaohongshu is committed to protecting intellectual property rights (IPRs) in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. We protect our own IPRs through trademarks, copyrights, and patents, while ensuring that we respect others’ IPRs, striving to create a favorable environment for IP protection on the platform.
      To this end, we have developed and effectively implemented a set of strict rules, and established a series of systems, for protecting our IPRs on the platform, including the Xiaohongshu Terms of Service (“the Terms”), the Xiaohongshu Community Standards (“the Standards”), the Xiaohongshu Community Convention (“the Convention”), and the Xiaohongshu Guidelines for Complaints Against Intellectual Property Infringement (“the Guidelines”).In this way, we’re able to create a secure IP environment on the platform, and thus win the recognition and trust of IP rights holders.
      Protecting Our Own IPRs
      1. What are our main IPRs?
      1.1 Brand and logos: All IPRs of 小紅書, and Xiaohongshu and relevant logos are owned by Xiaohongshu, and Xiaohongshu has taken and will continue to take measures including but not limited to registering trademarks and copyrights with relevant authorities worldwide, and ensure that these registrations are appropriately publicized. Xiaohongshu also reserves all rights to the terms “小紅書” and Xiaohongshu as well as relevant logos that are already in use but not yet registered in some regions. These terms and logos may not be used without the permission of Xiaohongshu.
      1.2 App and relevant content: Xiaohongshu owns the IPRs of the content it provides within the 小紅書 app to ensure its normal operations (including but not limited to software, technology, programs, web pages, text, pictures, images, trademarks, logos, audiovisual material, graphics, layout design, and electronic documents). At the same time, the copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other IPRs of the software through which Xiaohongshu provides services are owned by Xiaohongshu, and may not be used without the permission of Xiaohongshu.
      1.3 Derivative works and peripherals: Xiaohongshu holds all IPRs to the artistic images and peripherals designed by Xiaohongshu in the process of operating the 小紅書 app and promoting the brand. These images and peripherals may not be used or adapted without the permission of Xiaohongshu.
      2. How do we authorize our clients and partners to use our IPRs?
      2.1 Users of the 小紅書 app: According to the Terms, successfully registered users of the 小紅書 app can make full use of it to freely post and share information. Users have the copyright to the content they create and post on the app (including but not limited to text, images, and audiovisual material). However, they should comply with relevant provisions of the Terms and the Standards when they share and repost any content from the 小紅書 app to other platforms.
      2.2 Business partners of Xiaohongshu: Without the written permission of Xiaohongshu, its IPRs shall not automatically extend to any individuals or companies in business cooperation with it merely on the ground of their business cooperation. Anyone who wants to use Xiaohongshu’s IPRs should make an application and use the IPRs within the scope and in the manner licensed in writing.
      3. Our approach to dealing with infringement on our IPRs
      3.1 Liability: Except for the cases permitted by mandatory laws in jurisdictions, Xiaohongshu is entitled to holding individuals, enterprises, and other entities liable forusing Xiaohongshu’s IPRs without its permission and infringing on its IPRs through all means provided by local laws.
      Secure IP Environment on the Platform
      4. Encouraging originality and authenticity and respecting others’ IPRs
      4.1 Encouraging authentic and original posts: When using the 小紅書 app to post and share information, users should ensure that the material they use is authentic (from their own experience) and original (self-created). Users own the rights to the content they post on the 小紅書 app. However, to use the content of others, they must obtain relevant permission. To repost the content of others, they must also obtain relevant permission and indicate the source.
      4.2 Guaranteeing the legitimacy of goods: When selling goods on the 小紅書 app, merchants should ensure that their goods are legitimate and authentic and do not infringe on the IPRs of others. The platform has established a strict access system that requires a complete brand licensing chain and corresponding legal documents.
      5. Handling complaints against IPR infringement
      5.1 The Infringement Reporting and Complaint System: In the case of any discovery of suspected IPR infringement on the 小紅書 app, users can directly report it using the Report feature on the app. Xiaohongshu also pays close attention to brand protection. Brand rights holders or their authorized agents can file complaints through the Infringement Reporting and Complaint System established in the Guidelines, after which we will deal with the complaints based on relevant rules, thereby effectively ensuring a secure IPR environment on the platform.
      5.2 Rejecting malicious reporting and complaints: Any deletion requests and other complaints with malicious intent, for example, to disrupt competitors’ operations or damage their reputation, will be rejected. Following the principle of good faith, Xiaohongshu will impose sanctions against those who file malicious complaints.
      5.3 Balancing fairness and efficiency: Xiaohongshu’s Infringement Reporting and Complaint System operates on the principle of fairness and provides the parties involved in complaints with sufficient opportunities to communicate relevant information. The system has established a complete process and set time limits to minimize the extended losses of rights holders during the handling of cases. In addition, we strive to build a more efficient mechanism for handling reports and complaints from important brand rights holders and effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests.
      6. Supervising and combating IPR infringement
      6.1 Content moderation: Xiaohongshu has established a comprehensive content moderation system, using legal and appropriate approaches to examining posts on the app. Once any content is found to be potentially infringing on the IPRs of others, such as information promoting and selling counterfeit products, Xiaohongshu will take all necessary measures including but not limited to rejecting, restricting, and deleting the content.
      6.2 Proactive investigation: Xiaohongshu will initiate spot checks of its own accord or in cooperation with other brand rights holders from time to time to examine the merchandise on the 小紅書 app, proactively identify and delete content that infringes on the IPRs of others, and take necessary and reasonable measures against those who violate this Policy. In particular, Xiaohongshu will focus on cracking down posts related to counterfeit products and the sale of these products.
      6.3 Cooperation with law enforcement authorities: Xiaohongshu is willing to assist local law enforcement authorities in their investigations and enforcement actions against IPR infringement by using our advanced technologies and actively cooperating with all parties including brand rights holders, industry associations, and government departments.