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    3. Creators

      Xiaohongshu is built for creators to easily share their experiences using features such as Notes, Hey, and livestreaming. As a content creation platform, we are committed to working together with our community to maintain an authentic, positive, and diverse environment. At the same time, we provide a range of tools for creators and agencies to manage their content production in our content creator platform.

      Community Guidelines
      At Xiaohongshu, we are committed to maintaining a welcoming environment for the users of our content creator platform. In addition to complying with local laws and regulations and accounting for local cultural norms, Xiaohongshu’s Community Guidelines set out a code of conduct for our users to keep the content creation platform an authentic and safe space with friendly engagement.

      Livestreaming brings sharing and interaction on Xiaohongshu to the next level. Anyone can share their daily lives and knowledge through livestreaming, and exchange ideas with the community in real-time. The highly interactive and engaging setting for livestreaming has seen a rapid growth in shopping transactions and virtual gifting. With authentic sharing as the foundation, livestreaming on Xiaohongshu is becoming a source of dynamic content and a creative channel for transactions.

      Creator Platform

      As a one-stop content creation platform for creators and agencies, the “Xiaohongshu for Creators” platform provides a range of tools for managing in-app operations, data analysis, content production and more.

      Content Management

      Publish video content and create real-time live broadcasts to manage content conveniently and efficiently