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    3. Business

      As the go-to destination for consumers to navigate the different lifestyle choices they have to make, Xiaohongshu leverages its community and its content to act as an enabler in this digital era, adding value for brands, emerging industries, small businesses and creators.


      By acting as a bridge between consumers and brands, demand and supply, Xiaohongshu has become the go-to destination for consumers making consumption decisions and a core channel for brands to connect with their target audience. Brands that advertise with Xiaohongshu range from beauty to fashion, FMCG, consumer electronics, automotive and more.

      Xiaohongshu offers a variety of creative advertising formats, inspiring brands to think different and reach their target audience in an exciting new way.

      Easter Egg

      Cartier tied up with Xiaohongshu to launch an innovative advertising format on a day when luxury brands are vying for attention. A surprise message from celebrity ambassadors including Jackson Wang and Liu Haocun appeared for those who searched for “Cartier” within Xiaohongshu on 520 (Chinese Valentine Day) in 2021, creating the largest number of searches for Cartier on 520.

      Brand Refresh

      Aiming to break the stereotype around its brand of being only for professional sportsmen, and seeking to increase its camaraderie with women, UnderArmour launched a 360-degree advertising campaign on Xiaohongshu that included a robust online campaign extending all the way to an offline yoga event.

      IP Advertising

      Mercedes-Benz and Xiaohongshu jointly incubated the “She’s Mercedes” project, aiming to resonate with high net-worth female car owners. During the Christmas holiday season in 2020, “She’s Mercedes” rolled out an in-depth campaign on Xiaohongshu that included real-life test-drive experiences and an introduction to brand membership services, enhancing its brand image among its target audience.


      As an incubator for consumer trends, Xiaohongshu connects brands to key opinion consumers to consumers, forming a closed loop and becoming the ideal platform for brands to connect with a vibrant community of shoppers. By offering an integrated marketing solution, Xiaohongshu’s e-commerce system is preferred by emerging brands.

      Xiaohongshu Mall

      Discover products, inspire other users, and make every purchase worth sharing.

      Online-to-Offline Experiences

      pop-up stores

      Through pop-up events, Xiaohongshu KOLs are able to discover more brands, share their experiences with fans, and then sell products through live commerce.

      fashion salons

      Fashion influencers interact with their fans through clothes fitting, and brands partner with them to launch live commerce collaborations.

      PGY Platform

      Empowering brands to work with influencers

      A variety of partnership formats to suit brands’ marketing needs, including live commerce/sponsored posts/offline experiences

      Comprehensive end-to-end service
      Select influencers to work with based on different data points
      Carry out online transactions safely
      Easily synchronize across different communication channels
      Harness content for other forms of advertising